"We're All Mad Here" Launched in 2011, Mad Sharp Productions is an umbrella company supporting the creation of immersive magical experiences, from theatrical dance sculptures to aerial art installations. Mad Sharp calls on a collective of 111 aerialists, acrobats, artists, actors, ballerinas, contortionists, dancers, designers, engineers, fire-eaters, technicians, musicians, and stilt dancers in casting custom production proposals for any event, from intimate to corporate. NARCISSA STARVING, the first full-length Mad Sharp Production, debuted 03.11.11, a "breathtaking blend of twisted magic, raw physicality, and ferocious temporality." (Gradient Magazine)

"The Free Play People" Founded in 2009, RI KI KAI is a Guerrila Circus Installation Company, exploding on subways, bridges, playgrounds, trees, and fire escapes, as well as warehouse parties, festivals, and events. RI KI KAI is a non-profit organization dedicated to free performance, new movement, and fierce play. In addition to offering donation-based circus classes for both children and adults in NYC, all Core Company members will be sent abroad 6 weeks of every year to volunteer in children's schools, orphanages, and public places, teaching and learning the powers of circustentialism. "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" (Anonymous passenger on the L train)


"Aerial Dance Sculpture" Speculocity is a coutured Aerial Dance Company,
blending virtuosic technique with coutured choreography and costumes for an element of impossible elegance . Aerial Acts include The Lovers (silk cloud duo), SkySystem (business suits, blindfolds, & war paint on suspended sculpture), Will / Thought / Feeling (balinese masked trio steel triangle), MirrorTwist (lyra duo), and Dragon (flaring wings of chinese fans, spinning out on Corde Lisse), Ground Acts include Octography (eight legs, four waists, two pairs, one corset) and Acrobalancing Duos and Trios. "Synaesthetic - a cerebral visual fantasy." (Sara Jean Gruenwald)


"Circustentialism in Style" Arising out of an artistic residency at Affaire, The White Ink Society is a socio-political performance company crafting site-specific conceptual, philosophical, and theatrical tableaus. Acts play on themes of intellectual interest and social relevance. Acts include "Games We Play (in childhood, romance, and war)"; "Cirque Villanous" And "Eat Me: Essays on Cannibalism."